Hemp yarn production lines:

The production line is a complete production line, which is from the raw hemp to the spinning.

We have Hong Kong Li boiled bleaching machine, Germany PB132 comber, Zhejiang Golden Eagle fx502 spinning machine high temperature ALLWIN-186, Italy POLAR-M automatic winder and other spinning equipment 180 sets.

Wet spinning 5000 spindles.

Mainly produced varieties:

1. 100%Hemp yarn

(1) Hemp yarn spinning 5—16Nm. regular products: 5Nm, 7Nm, 8.5Nm, 10Nm, 16Nm

(2) Hemp wet spun yarn 8.5—18Nm. regular products: 8.5Nm, 10Nm, 12Nm, 16Nm, 18Nm

(3)Hemp scutched flax wet spinning yarn 8.5—48Nm. regular products: 8.5Nm,  10Nm, 12Nm, 16Nm, 18Nm, 22Nm, 24Nm, 36Nm, 48Nm

(4)Hemp staple spinning 7—18Nm. regular products:7Nm, 8.5Nm, 10Nm, 18Nm

2. 100%linen yarn

regular products: 10Nm, 13.5Nm, 15Nm, 20Nm, 24Nm, 28Nm, 36Nm.

Hemp Production Line:

The production line has Germany Benninger Ben-procom-280Sizing Machine、Italy THEMA SUPEREXCEL, Belgium PICANOL, Germany DORNIER

With the international advanced level of high-grade sword rod loom and domestic ordinary sword rod loom a total of 274 sets.

The annual production of various kinds of fabrics 10 million meters

Mainly produced varieties:

100%hemp fabric, Hemp and other fibers blended fabrics. 100%linen, Linen and other fibers blended fabrics, Organic cotton fabric.

fabrics type: Plain, Canvas, Yarn drill, Denim, Small jacquard varieties.

Width range: 140cm—330cm (55inch-130inch) .

Wight range: 55g/m2—616g/m2 (1.6 OZ/Yd2-18OZ/Yd2) .